Spring 2020


February 14, 2020 (co-sponsored with the Working Group in Political Psychology and Behavior)

Valerie Purdie Greenaway, Associate Professor of Psychology, Columbia University
talk title to come

NOTE LOCATION CHANGE (for this meeting only): CGIS S354

February 28, 2020

Matthew Kearney, Lecturer, Department of Sociology, Harvard University
"​​​​​Race and Gender Depiction in American Film"

Hunter E. Rendleman, PhD student, Department of Government, Harvard University
"The Social Construction of Race: Evidence using a Conjoint Experiment"

​​April 3, 2020

Mina Cikara, Associate Professor, Department of Psychology, Harvard University
talk title to come

April 17, 2020

Jose Itzigsohn, Professor of Sociology, Brown University
talk title to come

Spring 2019

February 8, 2019

  • Charlotte Lloyd, Graduate Student, Department of Sociology, Harvard University 
  • Anna Skarpelis, Postdoctoral Fellow, Reischauer Institute, Harvard University 

February 22, 2019

  • Maria Abascal, Assistant Professor, Department of Sociology, Columbia University
    • Title: "Demographic Threat and the Classification of Racially Ambiguous People"

March 8, 2019

  • Sarah Mayorga-Gallo, Assistant Professor, Sociology, University of Massachusetts — Boston
    • Title: "How whiteness shapes multiracial spaces: Lessons from Behind the White Picket Fence"

April 5, 2019

  • Camille Z. Charles, Professor, Department of Sociology, University of Pennsylvania
    • Title: "Diversity from Within: A Descriptive Portrait of Millennial Black Elites"

April 19, 2019

  • Gregory Davis, Graduate Student, Department of African & African American Studies, Harvard University
  • Anjie Chan Tack, Graduate Student, Department of Sociology, University of Chicago


Fall 2018

September 7, 2018

  • Alex Bell, Graduate Student in Economics, Harvard University
    • "Experimental Evidence on the Long-Run Effects of Mentors"
  • Victoria Asbury, Graduate Student in Sociology, Harvard University

September 21, 2018

  • Rene Flores, Assistant Professor, Department of Sociology, University of Chicago
    • "Who are the ’illegals’?: The Social Construction of Illegality in the U.S."

Tuesday, October 2, 2018- Co-Sponsored Event with the Culture and Social Analysis Workshop

  • Jessica Welburn, Assistant Professor, Departments of Sociology & African American Studies, The University of Iowa
    • "Almost Lost Detroit: African Americans' Responses to the Individualization of Risk in the Motor City"
    • Tuesday, October 2, 2018, 12:00pm to 2:00pm, WJH 450

October 5, 2018

  • Spencer Piston, Assistant Professor, Department of Political Science, Boston University
    • "Shades of Humanity: White Americans Who Dehumanize Blacks"

October 19, 2018

  • Van Tran, Assistant Professor, Department of Sociology, Columbia University
    • "Asian Americans and Affirmative Action Policy"

November 2, 2018

  • Phillip Atiba Goff, Professor, Center for Policing Equity, John Jay College of Criminal Justice
    • "Building a COMPSTAT for Racism"

Spring 2018

January 26, 2018

  • Ibram X. Kendi, Professor of History and International Relations, American University
    • "How to be An Antiracist"

February 9, 2018

  • Demar F. Lewis IV, Yale University
    • "Making Sense of the Numbers: A Du Boisian Approach to Interpreting Modern Social Reintegration Statistics"
  • Suraj Yengde, Phd, Harvard University 
    • "Thinking Caste, Thinking Race: Du Bois, Ambedkar and Fanon"

February 23, 2018

  • Sa-kiera Hudson, Harvard University
    • "The Influence of Sexual Orientation and Race on Gender Prescriptive Stereotypes" 
  • Gregory Keith Davis, Harvard University
    • "The hierarchy-affecting force of racial identification in Donald Trump’s presidential victory"

March 9, 2018

  • Dr. Robert W. Livingston, Kennedy School of Government, Harvard University 
    • “Paths to Progress: Moving the Needle on Racial Justice in the U.S.”

March 30, 2018

  • Edward Telles, Professor, Department of Sociology, University of California, Santa Barbara
    • "Race among Latinos and Latin Americans"

April 13, 2018

  • James Sidanius, Professor, Department of Psychology, Harvard University
    • “The Theory of Gendered Prejudice: A Social Dominance and Intersectional Perspective”


Fall 2017

September 8, 2017

  • Lawrence D. Bobo (Sociology) & James Sidanius (Psychology)- Harvard University
    • "Racialized Politics: Revisiting the Debate About Racism in America"
  • Robert Manduca - Harvard University
    • "Income Concentration and the Persistent Black-White Earnings Gap"

September 22, 2017

  • Tiffany Nichols - Harvard University
    • "Blumenbach versus Montagu: How Courts Have Relied on Anthropological Concepts of Race"
  • Monique Golden - University of Connecticut
    • "Who’s Missing from School Choice Research?: African American Girls’ School Choice Decisions"

October 6, 2017 

  • Brainstorming session for early stage works (e.g. fellowship application, prospectus, etc)
    • 4-6 slots available; email Victoria and Mo if you are interested in workshopping your idea (ideal for early Gs)

October 20, 2017

November 3, 2017

  • Ellis Monk, Assistant Professor, Department of Sociology, Princeton University
    • "The Consequences of Race, Color, and Bodily Capital in the U.S. & Brazil"

November 17, 2017

  • Victor Rios, Professor, Department of Sociology, University of California, Santa Barbara
    • "Human Targets: The Role of Culture in Racialized Punitive Social Control"


Workshops are held bi-weekly on Fridays from 12-2p at Willian James Hall in room 1550. Lunch is provided.

Additional reading discussions and focused dialogues to be announced throughout the semester.

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